ack. uh-oh. and also, ew.

Remember what I said about girl cats and character? About how they are the ones that do all the crazy stuff and give you the great stories? Yeah, well, turns out Fufu fits the mold. She, um… egad, I’m still processing this. She found a condom in the trash, and she ate. it. I tried to get it away from her, but she bit me and by the time I’d finished cursing and shaking my hand (maybe a tenth of a second), it was gone. It was kinda horrifying, and I’m also quite worried about… well what on earth is it going to do in her digestive system? She’s such a tiny little thing, this could be a serious medical problem, and really, HOW am I going to explain this to the veterinarian?

I’ve been shaking my head all day. It’s just too weird. Too weird!

Song du jour of the day: no. I can’t think of a song. I’m too freaked out. Sorry.


4 responses to “ack. uh-oh. and also, ew.

  • amy

    Probably TMI, but we wrap and bury those suckers in a trash can with a lid. I’m afraid one of the kids will find it. Nevermind the cats…

    Can you tell the vet she ate some latex and leave it generic? Latex could be a glove, a balloon, all sorts of things…

  • alala

    Yeah, our kids are old enough to know better than… well, I guess it’s truer to say that they’ve figured out that there’s nothing interesting in the garbage. And I’ve never heard of a cat eating latex, so that really didn’t occur to us.

    I have until tomorrow to figure out what to tell the vet. He’s a big, burly avuncular type, so it’s awkward in the same way as talking about your period with your dad.

  • Melanie

    Tell the vet you happened to see her eating it off the street or out of the neighbour’s garbage! Also explains why you couldn’t get it away from her… “I looked out the window and saw her playing with it and by the time I got outside….” Good luck. And yes, ew.

  • Elemmaciltur


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