Daily Archives: 23 November 2007

I’m okay.

Really, I am. My plan was to move too fast for any grief to catch me today, and I didn’t actually move very fast, but I’m still okay. It’s my mom’s 62nd birthday today, happy birthday Mom! Wherever you are.

I kind of feel like you’re in this house, in a wholly metaphorical sense. Permeating the walls, not wandering around invisible. You would love this house, it’s too bad you never got to see it. But of course you never would have gotten to see it no matter how long you’d lived, because we were only able to buy it because you died and left us the house on Van Ness, which we sold, and my half of the money was the down-payment on this house. So essentially, you bought it for us, imagine that. And I’m happy here, but I miss you.

Song du jour of the day: Stay, by Lisa Loeb.