dogs have masters, cats have staff

Oh, Lilu’s definitely training us, no question. But we – well, I – knew what we were getting into when we chose the only girl in the litter. Of course there are exceptions, but it’s been my experience that male cats, once you neuter them, are basically furry teddy bears, but female cats tend to be, um. Eccentric. All of the weird-cat stories I know involve females.

Right in the middle of a formal party, she sits down and drags her bum across my white carpet, leaving a long brown streak…

So I hear honking, and I look out the window, and she’s right in the middle of the street, stalking this chicken on the sidewalk, totally unaware that she’s holding up two lanes of traffic…

She peed in my jacket pocket! I didn’t notice until I was on the bus, and all the other passengers were trying to get away from me…

Yep. Three true stories. Three different cats.

So yes, I knew we’d be getting some interesting stories, free with one cat. But I figured there’s already enough males in this household, and DrBob said we should take the girl cat, so okay. At least I’ll have blog-fodder, right? If we’d gotten a boy cat, all my catblog posts would say “Smedley sat around licking himself today…”

Fufu update: the Oompas brought her here, we let her outside, we haven’t seen her since. She probably went home. I have to take Lilu in for some follow-up shots anyway, so I’ll ask Dr. Fall if he knows Fufu – the in-laws’ vet says that her injured tail was definitely treated by a professional, so he might – and if so, he should contact her owners to let them know she needs another flu shot.

Song du jour of the day: Ride of the Valkyries. The only Wagner tune I like.


2 responses to “dogs have masters, cats have staff

  • amy

    Ack, sorry ’bout the double comment in the last post. WordPress doesn’t like me so much lately. Sometimes it won’t let me comment at all. At any rate, we have two boy cats, and Ernie, the older one, is completely and totally high-need and a PITA. Special, prescription-only food. (Really, the story of how we discovered he needed THAT is not one anyone really wants to hear. But it involved Mother’s Day, feline diarrhea, vast amounts of cleaning, and a huge vet bill.) Oh, he’s high-strung, that one.

    Wondering, though, do girl cats get the brains? ‘Cause my two boy cats, just little bits of fluff in their heads…

  • alala

    You know, I think the girl cats do get the brains, and that this is not necessarily a good thing. Smart cats can do so much more damage.

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