Do we dare bring Fufu into a home where the already-cat is insane? Some of you might remember this video – she was just a baby then, but she hasn’t changed much. One change is that we got rid of the litter box and taught her to use Nature’s Toilet. She was mad when I left her litter box out on the patio and it got rained in. Fair enough. She was also pretty peeved when I kind of forgot about it, out there, out of sight and out of mind, and didn’t clean it out for two days. But now there is no litter box, and she seems to have adjusted. And now, it’s getting wetter and colder out.

So. Last weekend, I was in the bathtub, and she came into visit me. No idea why she is so fascinated by a full bathtub – especially since she’s already fallen in once – but I shouted for DrBob to come in and remove her before she fell in again. He decided he’d rather stand in the doorway and chat about it, and while we were chatting, she jumped into the sink and started pawing at it, the way a cat paws at the ground when she’s thinking of pooping there. Then, she turned around, stared right at me, and squatted. We said “Aaagh! What!? Aaagh! Is she going to go in the sink? Getterouttaheeeere!” DrBob removed her, and I thought no more about it.

Until last night. Ignatz was doing his HTML lesson, and we heard a sort of skritching noise from the bathroom, and went in to find her pawing at the sink. Ignatz and I said “Aaaagh!”, put her outside, and went back to the HTML lesson. Not five seconds later, she came into my office, hopped into the basket full of the Sniglet’s clean, folded laundry, stared right at me, and squatted.

So I said “Aaagh!” and put her in the sink.

I guess everything is relative.

P.S. she didn’t pee in the sink, but at some point she must have peed in the bathtub, to judge by the smell in there this morning. Gack.

Song du jour of the day: Insane in the Brain, by Cypress Hill.


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