So. Fufu.

Well, the in-laws’ vet confirms that Fufu is well-fed, healthy, and friendly, and therefore probably has a home, though she has no ear-tattoo: it’s common here for cats get them for identification. He also says that her tail was broken in several places, but has healed well. Poor grummit. Some kind of flu is what is causing the cloudiness in one eye, and he gave her a flu-shot. We’ll have to take her back in for a follow-up shot. We’ll do that with our vet here, and maybe ask if he knows her. [Hah. Anecdote: Christine says there is a cat here who was claimed by four households, none of whom knew of the others – they put food out for him, and didn’t think much about it when he disappeared for a few days at a time. He was found out when one family took him to the vet for vaccinations, and the vet said “Hang on – I vaccinated this cat four days ago.”]

Meanwhile, Ignatz’s friend Florian is asking his parents if he can keep her. I knew that naming her indicated a willingness to keep her, and we are willing – except for Lilu, and therefore, Ignatz – but I don’t think we’ll have to. Lilu seems oddly afraid of her, which bothers me: Ignatz would be heartbroken if Lilu ran away. DrBob is not keen on collars or licenses or ear-tattoos, but I think perhaps we should consider it. I always knew Ignatz needed a pet, and I was right; his affection and empathy for her is quite strong. I’ve had cats wander off before, but I think the uncertainty would be too much for him.

Apropos of absolutely nothing, how cute is my husband!?

Song du jour of the day: Katherine, Katherine, by Steinwolke.


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