a complication

I was leaving to return a rented DVD tonight when I heard a “mew!” through the front door. Oh, dear.

1 (click to embiggen)

She looks to be about 12 weeks old. Her coat is healthy and she isn’t scrawny or malnourished, though she was certainly hungry. She’s also quite snuggly, which suggests that she has a home. The eye infection suggests otherwise, as does the kinked and unnaturally short tail – something quite unpleasant must have happened to it.

And I have to work tomorrow, and on Saturday we have to be at a birthday party in Munich. So the in-laws are going to pick her up tomorrow and take her to their vet. Ignatz is going to hang up Found Cat Found flyers. If no one calls for her, we’ll try to find her a home: several of the boys’ friends said they wanted a kitten after we got Lilu.

Right, Lilu. Our already-cat. Not happy with the newcomer. Not happy at all.

We’re calling the intruder Fufu for now. The Sniglet wants to keep her.

Oh dear.

Song du jour of the day: Bad Luck, by Royal City.


5 responses to “a complication

  • amy

    but she’s so cute! and she chose YOU! I’d want to keep her, too.

  • Elemmaciltur

    You know, giving a stray a name makes you kinda own it. You’re going down a very dangerous path there. :-p

  • Melanie

    True, re: the naming. You should have stuck with That Cat, like Rebecca Dew of Sppoks Lane.

  • alala

    I know, but Fufu is only a working title. If we keep her, she’ll probably get a new name.

    We will do everything we can to find her people, and if she has none we’ll try to find her some new people. But DrBob said “if we dont find anybody we have to keep her,” just casually, as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. You see why I like him so much?

  • Kelly Fowler

    Alala- you named her. She’s yours. You know the rules just as much as I do. It happened to us, remember, Jupiter the cat walks through our door (not that we knew “Mr. Tall Crossdresser Quit Please Stealing My Damn Tights” named him that), so for a day we called him Tuxedo, then upon realizing that he was the dumbest animal alive he became Super-duper Vapidcat, which was then shortened to Vapid.

    I had that damn cat for 14 years!

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