Here it comes. Three and a half months of winter and one month of “WHY, GOD, WHY!?” (we have a somewhat difficult relationship with March) before anything blooms again. Augh.

Okay, yes, in theory I love the whole sweaters and stews and building fires aspect of winter, but you’ll note that those are all things I enjoy indoors. Unfortunately, someone’s bound to make me leave the house at least once in the next four months – someone already did today, I had to drive three boys to Tae Kwon Do. In the dark. In the snow. On roads which other people are, unaccountably, also allowed to use. So unfair.

First Snow, 2007

Also, cooking turns out to be something I do for DrBob, who is not here. The boys don’t care if we don’t have a salad with dinner, so we’ve been subsisting on grilled cheese sandwiches and spaghetti with sauce from a jar. The boys seem fine, but I may be flirting with malnutrition here. Okay, that’s it. Tomorrow I will make something involving… um, whaddyacallit, those healthy, planty things… vegetariables? Something like that.

Song du jour of the day: Go Insane, by Lindsey Buckingham. Ha!


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