hi Laura!

I am not a big city person either, really, although London was fun to visit.

Bath was fun to visit! Durham and Ely had impressive cathedrals, Salisbury and Exeter were charming, Brighton was lovely, York was a blast! But in London, I said “eeeep!” and cowered on the couch of whatever friend I was visiting. Eeep! I’ve talked before about having personal space issues, no doubt exacerbated by coming from a town that is geographically largish but populationally (well, it’s a word now) sparse. You just can’t get far enough away from everybody in a big, dense city.

Could you live somewhere outside London that would be a closer commute than Germany? Does Cornwall have good schools?

Cornwall is actually a longer commute than Germany. We live in a Munich airport feeder-suburb, and he lives in a Heathrow feeder-suburb, so he can get from door to door in under three hours, which you can’t do from Cornwall, or even Somerset or Dorset, I don’t think. It’s looking like anything reasonably close is unreasonably expensive, and vice-versa. The other problem, of course, is that he is working ALL THE TIME when he’s there, and if he doesn’t have to work, he skedaddles home to us. No time to look for a place.

However, we’ll probably change our minds about a lot of things around March. He has to pop round to the office once or twice between March and September, but otherwise, his time is his own. Once the weather improves and he only has to go there when he wants to, I think we’ll both be more cheerful about it all.

However-however, no matter how nice England looks in the spring, it’s not going to have the extended family or the six years of history we have here. The kids really see this town as Home, and I’m not sure any place would be fabulous enough to justify uprooting them under the current circumstances. Maybe when they’re older. And I am a teensy bit less in love with this house. Have I told y’all yet how much I love my house?

Oh! But! Another thing today that made me love the English! This article! Key quote: “…cynicism and subversion are emerging as the most prominent national characteristics.” Seriously, how can you not adore them?

Song du jour of the day: A New England, by Billy Bragg


2 responses to “hi Laura!

  • Awa

    I have always maintained a strong desire to travel outside of the US. I want so badly to just travel the entire European countryside…I dream of the foods, the fabulous shopping and meeting the people. One day–I promise! I’ll get out of Mississippi! 🙂

  • alala

    Come out to Oktoberfest next year! Come for the beer, stay for the… um. Beer!

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