not all English people shrug…

… said Melanie, and this is absolutely true. The Former Mrs Next Door is English, married to a Bavarian, with two little boys, and living happily here in OurTown. When we told her we were considering moving to London, her immediate reaction was “Ew! God, WHY!?”

And of course there’s the aforementioned Nigel, whom we met in South America; he and I got our TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) certificates in Barcelona together, even though the school had a London branch; he spent months in Salamanca studying Spanish, more months in Munich, working wherever he could; and he’s always traipsing around the U.S. and Canada visiting friends and relations. There’s something almost German (or Australian) about his quiet, persistent efforts to get away from his home turf as often and for as long as he can.

It’s also true that London is not England, that the whole of England isn’t loud, confused and unnavigable. But the part where we’d have to live is… well, too much for us, I think. Actually, even though I’ve been to England a gazillion times, I’ve seen very little of London. It’s so huge, I tend to freak out a little and go into hibernation mode. I always thought that was just me – New York City has the same effect on me – but even Nigel says he can only stand London for a few months at a time. It’s just hectic. Too hectic for families. This family, anyway.

I did ask DrBob if oo! Could we live in Cornwall? He said, “what is it with you and the edges of the world?” It’s true, I’m always trying to get him to take me to Mont St Michel, Galicia (the one in Spain, not the one in Poland), the Shetlands, the Arans… Frankly, I think if you look at where I’m from, there should be no mystery here…

Song du jour of the day: Queen of the Slipstream, by Van Morrison. Couldn’t find a (good) video, but you can hear it here. I took DrBob to the airport again today around 7 p.m. Two more weeks.


One response to “not all English people shrug…

  • Laura F.

    I am not a big city person either, really, although London was fun to visit. Could you live somewhere outside London that would be a closer commute than Germany? Does Cornwall have good schools? đŸ™‚

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