Kelly’s Revenge

Kelly tagged me back. Oddly, I did not see that one coming. So okay, here are 8 things about me that you may or may not know:

1. I count laundry. While I am flinging it into the dryer I count each piece. It keeps me from losing my mind at the monumental tediousness of the task. For the record, a load of laundry at casa alala generally contains 41 items. Sometimes as many as 51 (curse these children and their tiny garments).

2. I don’t like seafood. In the Pacific Northwest, people get very huffy about this.

3. I never needed orthodontia or glasses. My brother needed both. I consider this terribly unfair. (I imagine he does too).

4. People think I have a talent for languages because I pick up accents really fast. Unfortunately, this talent does not extend to grammar and vocabulary.

5. I get headaches from some red wines, but others. I’ve never been able to figure out why.

6. Besides knitting, I can also sew, crochet, and embroider. I don’t do any of them often, but I can.

7. I consider eating a terrible nuisance and waste of time. I only do it because I have to.

8. I need to live near water. An ocean, a river, something. I don’t need to get in it or on it, but I need to know it’s nearby.

And the buck stops here because I’m pretty sure everyone has already done this one.

Song du jour of the day: Fred vom Jupiter, by Andreas Dorau und die Marinas.

3 responses to “Kelly’s Revenge

  • amy

    Aha! I haven’t, and I am still resisting. I’m totally with you on #8. Just the thought of living in the US midwest makes me feel claustrophobic–for me it really is the ocean, but I suppose a big enough river or lake might suffice in a pinch. I don’t know how they do it, living in the middle like that. (See? Gasp! I can’t breathe…)

  • alala

    Well, I lived in Columbus Ohio when I was quite young, and we had the Olentangy River. It was orange, but at least it was still water. Mostly. Probably.

  • Melanie

    You don’t like seafood? What did you eat at Anthony’s Homeport with us? We ate at the Everett one a couple of weeks ago, Ruby threw pasta and it was okay anyway.
    love love

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