questions… questions that need answers…

People ask me questions in the comments and I kick them around in my brain for awhile, and sometimes I get around to posting an answer! Today I was going to answer four recent ones, but come to find out, I’m a big windbag! I got four paragraphs out of one question! So hey, I haven’t forgotten anyone (okay, that is probably not true), I’m just saving the others for blogfodder. I’ll get to them. Probably this month, when I have to blog every day and I run short of ideas.

So today’s question is from blogless Melanie:

Any tips on toddlers who take off all their clothes all the time? No matter what they are dressed in? No reason, just wondering….

digression: you know, I’m so happy my friends have started having kids too, because 1, I like to dispense advice (oh God, I was flying SO blind when I did it…) and 2, however crazy my babies made me, y’all keep coming up with stuff my kids never did, and that makes me feel kind of relieved. In retrospect, it wasn’t all that bad! I could’ve had a biter, a stripper, a coin-swallower, a colicky baby, a climber, a headbanger… Wow! So many bullets dodged!

Not that I am unsympathetic. Far from it. Even though I didn’t face that exact situation, I have two things to mention.

First is that I try to be a laissez-faire kind of mama, to pick my battles and try not to say no too often so that they hear it when I do say it. I’ve seen parents follow their kid around with a forkful of food, saying, “c’mon Evan, please, just one more bite,” and thought to myself “baaaaad idea.” So I would not make too much of an issue about it, and just keep clothes handy for when she decides she’s cold or something. I know where you live: it won’t take her long to get cold. If it bothers you on some kind of aesthetic or social level, look away from her when she does it. Parental attention is a powerful force, and removing it can be more effective than giving her negative attention.

Second, for the short term and emergencies: Safety pins. Run one through the hole in her zipper and pin it to the fabric. Pin her shirt to her trousers. That sort of thing.

Hope that’s helpful… and, you know, be careful. Safety pins are sharp.

Oo! Oo! Song du jour of the day: Safety Dance, by Men Without Hats! Or is that too much of a stretch?


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