Ignatz, home!

Okay, I know it looks like I missed November 2nd, in violation of NaBloPoMo, but I didn’t, I just posted after midnight. This whole business of the date changing at midnight is absurd, so many people are still awake then, and I can tell you from experience that it doesn’t look like a new day. My mother always said the day begins at sunrise. More people should have listened to her. And I posted after midnight because I worked in Munich yesterday and then met Ignatz’s train at 8:30 and then the train to OurTown was delayed and we got in very late but it was still technically the same day (see above re sunrise). Okay?

That said, once again I am going to meet my blogging obligations with someone else’s words. This is not because I have to, I still have plenty to say (Jill, Melanie, I haven’t forgotten your questions, they’re on my list), but because my postcard (featuring a cat at the Colosseum) from Ignatz-in-Rome came today and I felt it was worth sharing:

31st Oct (moan)
Rome is great! Georg showed me some interesting churches, but he made me stay long enough to be more interested in getting out. As you see on the other side, Rome is really a kitty ghetto. Just now I got a double mini Light with a HeNe Laser (look it up) and a fluorescent Light Love Ignatz ☺

Psht. “Look it up.” Don’t know where he learned talk like that…

Song du jour of the day: For Real, by Athena. Turkish Ska, people. Righteous.


2 responses to “Ignatz, home!

  • amy

    “he made me stay long enough to be more interested in getting out.” that’s perfect.

    btw, we just opened your coffee and it is, in fact, coffee (not espresso). we are excited. we shall brew German coffee and huddle indoors, well-caffeinated and safe from wind and rain. (if it was espresso, we’d have huddled happily with cappuccinos. we are not picky.)

  • alala

    I think I made sure you could handle both kinds before I sent that to you. Sorry about sending you Secret Coffee Substance, but the only way to find out what it was would have been to open the package, and that’s not very… gifty.

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