stuff and stuff

Well, hm. Ignatz had his first taekwondo test a couple Saturdays ago, and of course the Sniglet and I wanted to see that so we went along to the TKD school’s headquarters in Munich. The “test” turned out to be a master class with one of the school’s founders, followed by a tournament, and then everybody’s tests, and not just our local branch of the school, but also Munich and Rosenheim and… Landshut? Probably. Anyway, it took the whole day. But Ignatz got his yellow-white belt, hooray! We are very proud. And then I had a birthday (THANK YOU for the comments and emails and presents and blog-shouts, I’m SORRY I didn’t respond to them, keep reading to see why), and then there was the anniversary of mom’s death, and DrBob flew to London and came back, and then the Sniglet turned 7, and I was supposed to go to work that day but Ignatz woke up barfing, so I called the office and said I couldn’t, and the day after the Sniglet’s birthday was when the family came for cake and we made Rice Krispie Treats and that evening Ignatz left for a week in Rome with his godfather, and somewhere in there I moved my computer and all its attachments to a different desk, so my office is a shambles, and I’m still working on DrBob’s manuscript, which is a lot more philosophical than his earlier works, so that’s where all my time has gone for the last… hang on, let me see… 9 days? I was wondering why I couldn’t focus on anything, but I guess I have been sort of busy lately, huh? Even for me.

Oh yeah – and the washer’s broken.

So but now, Ignatz is in Rome, the Sniglet is at the grandparents’, I just dropped DrBob at the airport, Lilu is out being DangerCat, and I have the whole house to myself. Granted, I have 30 pages left of DrBob’s impenetrable manuscript, but I’m willing to accept that I am a bad, bad wife. I’m going to go listen to the latest Lime n’ Violet. So there.

Song du jour of the day: Jimi Hendrix. Purple Haze.


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