Odd mood

Yeah, not writing a lot lately, huh? Melanie has handed me two terrific topics, and I glossed over one and answered the other one by email. In one paltry paragraph. I just can’t seem to think about anything for long enough to say something substantive about it.

It’s dark and wet and cold out, all the time, that may be part of it. Yesterday was the second anniversary of my mother’s death, that may also be a factor.

And in fact I am writing, just not here. I’ve just finished translating two documentaries from German into English, which is a little different from translating academic texts. This required research – I can usually trust an academic to have done his research, but documentary writers? Not so much. It’s also a different kind of voice, a much easier voice for me than academic writing, but one which I find very difficult to sustain when I’m interrupted every five minutes.

And now that that’s finished, a publisher has requested the manuscript for DrBob’s fourth book, so I’m proofreading, refining, de-Germanizing his text (do not get me started on Germans and comma-placement). He wrote it in English, and it’s mostly acceptable, but occasionally I slam into a sentence that just will not do, and unraveling and reshaping it requires more creativity than you’d think.

So yeah, I actually am writing, just not here. I’m feeling strange and flittery lately, having trouble keeping my mind on one thing for more than a few minutes – I know, I always do that, but this is different. Often, in real life, I go through my day blogging in my head, thinking out the way I would write something (which is why I’m not paying attention to what I’m doing, which is why I drop things, lose things, and fall over a lot), and that’s not happening now. I can’t even focus on the stuff that usually distracts me. My head’s full of an anxious cacophony of things I need to get done, and the amount of time (too little) I have to do them.

I don’t know when this’ll be over. So I’m sorry about the sparse bloggage, but there you go.

Song du jour of the day: Word Up, by Cameo.


2 responses to “Odd mood

  • amy

    We’ll wait.

    Quite understandable, the cacophony in your head, I think.

    Hugs, for the anniversary, especially.

  • Melanie

    It is understandable that it is a hard time. I am listening to an audiobook (it’s a toddler driven experiment) of Care of the Soul. He would suggest that you make room in your life to just be with it, feeling bad is not something to rush or ignore or fix necessarily. Not that you asked my opinion.
    Love ya.

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