Spoiler! Run Away!

Righty-o, if you haven’t read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows yet – oh what am I saying? If you haven’t finished it by now, you’re probably not interested in Harry Potter anyway. Unless you’re my niece Phoebe, and you had to wait for both your brothers to finish the book before you could get your hands on it, in which case you’re still at Chapter 7 or so, and that is of course wholly understandable. So Phoebe? If you’re reading this, don’t read this.

So I read about this this morning, and then Melanie mentioned it in the comments, and wondered what I think.

I think: cool. Fascinating. I would love to know more about the rise and fall of Grindelwald, by which I mean she could write another novel just about that, and I would buy it. Retail. But this one little fact really does illuminate some aspects of that past episode, and add further depth to Dumbledore’s very complicated character.


5 responses to “Spoiler! Run Away!

  • amy

    I think what most interests me about the whole thing is that Rowling says she “always thought” Dumbledore was gay…which neatly sums up in just two words how characters truly have a life of their own, independent of the person who is writing about them. It’s this sort of thing that could get me excited about writing again, if I had the energy, you know, and the motivation, and any sort of ambition whatsoever.

    As for plot ramifications, it explains quite a bit, I think. Who hasn’t had their judgment clouded by love, or what they thought was love, even?

  • Elemmaciltur

    Hmmm…it does make sense. They should have had Ian Holme as Dumbledore. :-p

  • amarkonmywall

    Huh. But then, I thought Harry Potter was gay so maybe it IS contageous. I’m one of the few remaining people on the planet who hasn’t read the whole series yet. I love the movie video!
    I posted about something today you probablu know about, but if not- it’s very cool.

  • aka_monty

    HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! xoxoxoxoox

  • Kris

    Ahem….hippo birdies two ewe!

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