Daily Archives: 15 October 2007

just a weekend

Well, he finally got in around 2 p.m., and I picked him up at the airport and we went straight to Munich and work (part of his job in London involves research, and the libraries in Munich are pretty good). On Saturday I went to the Vaterstetten Wool Market with Elemmaciltur and Amanda, which was fun but not hugely eventful. And on Sunday we went to a lake and played mini-golf, and then I took the Sniglet to a market here in OurTown – it’s not an artisan-type thing, just a bunch of people selling stuff you could get in any store, but still, it’s fun to get out.

And DrBob installed Lilu’s cat door and fixed the shower-curtain rod. It was what I think of as a normal weekend for other people, such as we never get to have because we’re always working. And it was nice.

Tonight I took him back to the airport. He won’t be gone as long this time: a long time ago we decided that since he was coming home every other weekend, it was more important for him to be home for the Sniglet’s birthday (the 26th) than for mine (the 21st), but last week he booked a flight for this coming weekend to be home for my birthday – that’s my present. I think that’s pretty funny, but I figured out early on that I don’t get to tease him about it (for me, is it? You’re sure this is a present for me?).

That’s all. Just life. How are you?

Song du jour of the day: Destination, by the Church.