hitting my stride

DrBob’s coming home tonight! Very late, but even so.

So it’s been three weeks on my own, and it’s only in the third week that I really found my feet. The first two weeks were a kind of free-fall, where hardly anything got done even though I felt busy all the time. This last week, I managed, somehow: got food on the table and the kids to where they needed to be, showed up for soccer games, kept up with the laundry and only missed one appointment. I did extra stuff too, washed all the windows in the house, caught up on the ironing, switched over to fall blankets and clothes. Kids did chores. House got more or less clean. Cat survived. This is good.

I just have to remember not to reset when DrBob is here, because if it takes me 3 weeks to get my act together, and he’ll only be gone for two-week stretches for the rest of the year, well, that would be bad.

Also, I should qualify this a bit, lest anyone reads this as “I can get along fine without that pesky husband”: the paperwork is still his job, and there are credit card bills and letters from the health insurance people and various government offices waiting for him – there are a lot of very necessary things that I still don’t know how to do (I’ll be learning to do quite a few of them this weekend), so it’s not like I can function 100% DrBob-less indefinitely (yet. heh.). But even my half, the shopping and cooking and cleaning and child-wrangling and planning and scheduling, the half I always found so overwhelming… I managed.


But also, DrBob is coming home tonight. Double yay!

Song du jour of the day: Since You’re Gone, by the Cars.


2 responses to “hitting my stride

  • amy

    Oh, yay. It must be like finally exhaling. The most I’ve gone is 2 weeks, but I knew when he got home he’d be HOME. And it was a long 2 weeks. Every time my husband travels I marvel at single parents all the more. Super heroes, is what they (and you) are.

  • Catherine

    I’m totally impressed. I don’t know if I could do it. My friend had to watch her two kids solo for two weeks when her husband went on a church mission to South Africa, and I marveled at how she got everything done. Kudos!

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