DrBob is not coming home tonight after all. British Airways pushed his departure time back and back and back, and then finally cancelled it around 10:30, which would theoretically force him to re-book, except that their booking office is closed. Now, in a civilized country, when an airline screws up like this they put you in a hotel for the night. BA gave him… a list of phone numbers for hotels in the area. If they’re booked solid, I guess he’s SOL.

BA is in the news for labor trouble fairly often. It’s obvious they treat their employees like crap. Clearly, they’ve decided to extend this policy to the customers as well. This will disrupt my day tomorrow, and ruin his. Damn, damn, damn. British Airways, you suck donkey balls.


One response to “disappointment

  • Melanie

    OOooooooohhhhhhh! Double drat for you.

    AirCanada sucks in much the same way, or the Heathrow staff does. Actually everyone at the freakin’ airport was rude when I was there. The English just don’t do customer service in the same way, do they (unfond memories of our unexpected 9 hour wait at Heathrow, grrrr)

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