oh, and…

England, huh? Wow. Wish I’d seen that game. I bet it was grueling.

ETA: And France, oh my gawd! Beat the All-Blacks, I’m so pleased! France is my favorite* for this year, but I hadn’t quite dared to hope they’d kick Kiwi butt today. Woo-hoo!

* Okay, yes, the USA, but you know, I also had to pick a team that would survive the first round. Heh. Which reminds me that while I was surfing the rugby site a few weeks ago, DrBob was peering over my shoulder and wondering why there were only 20 teams, and I said “because you have to qualify, just like in the soccer World Cup.” He sez, “what, so there are teams that are actually worse than Portugal?” and I sez, “Yeah. Germany.”

That was fun. I hardly ever get to do that.


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