I suggest Poland

Great, now the Swiss RWMs (that’s Ring-Wing Morons) are at it. We certainly have them here, stronger in East Germany, but they show their ugly mugs over here in the Sane Part too. Belgium has ’em, France has ’em in power (Sarkozy borrowed some of LePen’s rhetoric, I read recently), they’re festering in Denmark and the Netherlands… why don’t we just herd them all together and put them someplace where they won’t bother anyone?

Meanwhile, I don’t think Poland has many actual Poles anymore, they’re leaving in droves to find work in Germany, Ireland, Britain and Italy, and we need even more – apparently the strawberry sellers suffered this year because they couldn’t find enough pickers, and I hear the beer industry relies heavily on Polish labor. The Poles who come here seem nice, they smile a lot and they work hard. Okay, the Polish government is in the hands of a pair of right-wing whack-jobs – they can stay. But if we could have the rest of them, in exchange for our pea-brained, shaven-headed, slogan-shouting, anti-immigrant fascist morons and their ugly braindead girlfriends? I’d say yay.

Song du jour of the day: Just Go Away, by Blondie.


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