wow, George

Clearly, he has despaired of having any kind of lasting legacy, and is now angling for worst president EVER, because at least it’s a distinction of some sort.

Song du jour of the day: Asshole, by Dennis Leary.


3 responses to “wow, George

  • secret agent sheep

    I really hate my president. I didn’t want him to win– either time. He is the worse possible example of nepotism and just outright hillbilly stupidity in politics. gaaaaaah

  • amy

    Pardon me while I puke a little.

    Okay, I’m back now. Um, what’s wrong with extending government health care to children? And what’s wrong with extending it to the middle class? Hello, we ARE the middle class, and we pay a HUGE chunk of money to cover health insurance. Think of what we could do if we didn’t need to–oh, save for the kids’ college educations, maybe? Thus contributing to the future educational prosperity of our nation? Save for retirement, maybe? So we’re not destined to partake of government-funded programs in our poor old age? The man is a short-sighted, out-of-touch moron. God forbid we spend money on health care when we could be bombing Iraq some more.

    So sorry about ranting on your blog…

  • Awa

    I have no comment. I agree with amy and must go vomit.

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