yeah, but…

Catherine said,

Aw, man – I would very much like to go on a knitters’ field trip! Too bad I work on weekends. Hmm. Must rectify this.

Well, if you were to come to Europe, you wouldn’t be working, you’d be visiting! And we could hit the fiber fairs. Actually, Ms.B is going to the Knitting and Stitching Show in London – come on out!

Laura F. said,

Bon courage for the single motherhood. I know I would find it overwhelming.

Um, actually, it’s kind of in my blood: I come from a longish line of single moms, and that was the example I grew up with. So being on my own is not as much fun as having DrBob around, but it is familiar territory. I know that’s kind of weird.

Melanie said,

Thank you for using the word “reticence”, we had a recent dictionary fetching argument about that one.

Hey, anytime.

All love, by the way. And Happy Birthday (cause I’ll forget)

Oops. Yeah, I did forget your birthday, didn’t I? Very sorry.

samirah said,

can you send me your address again, i keep losing it

Sure thing. Check yer email.

Song du jour of the day: Dream On, by Aerosmith.


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