I’m here

Um, yeah. So we’re in what, week 3 of single motherhood? I think it’s going okay, but I’m too busy to say for sure. I went on a knitters’ field trip, which was great fun, but swallowed up my whole weekend, which is why I had only today to do a translation. And the writers of it tried to think in English while they wrote it, to make my job easier, but I got stuck a few times, and DrBob is unreachable for reasons I may not yet disclose (incidentally? Elemmaciltur mentioned this, and it’s SO TRUE: if you have something going on that you can’t blog about, it’s kind of hard to write about anything at all, which may partly explain my recent reticence). So I was a really rotten mom today because I had to get that done. And tomorrow is… well, the follow-up on the translation, because I’m sure they’ll have questions, plus a meet-up with a local women’s group that I have to go to because I signed up to bring the food, plus DrBob asked if I could get his new class website up by Wednesday – I have the itsiest suspicion that the answer will turn out to be “no,” but I have to try.

Anyway. I don’t have enough attention span to write for real, I’m just sort of sweeping out my brain right now. But remind me to tell you about Ignatz and Christine and the homework stuff. Or about when we had to wash the cat. Oh, and I bought her a collar, because we’re starting to let her out now and I don’t want people to think she’s homeless. But she does not like wearing it, not at all. She was especially ticked off about the bell.

Hee hee.

Song du jour of the day: Little Dysfunk You, by The Ark.

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