me and the first day of school

Okay, I’m one of the guys with the flower on his helmet (either one, doesn’t much matter), and the First Day of School is Sir Lancelot. Yes, I had lots to do, but I also had lots of time to do it. Or so I thought.

Today I cleaned up the kitchen, took the Sniglet to the grocery store, and went downtown in search of little presents to put in his Schultüte. That is all that I managed to achieve. Dang, this is the last time I give myself just one (shopping) day to get ready for the first day of school. Of course, this is the last first day of school for us, since we have no younger children, so I guess that’s a given anyway.

Bleah. Can I just sit here and rest a bit? Oop, nope. First soccer training of the season starts in less than an hour, and nobody seems to know where the Sniglet’s soccer shoes are. Ta.

Song du jour of the day: Rock Lobster, by the B-52s.


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