dither, hither & thither

Hi! We’re back! It’s… uh… ack. Okay, we drove all day and got in at 2 a.m. and went straight to bed and when we got up I took the sprogs to visit their grandparents, and they and the cat will come home right after I take DrBob to the airport, and y’all need pictures! Which are in the camera! Which is in the black backpack, which is sort of hiding at the moment. And laundry and unpack and sort mail, and also that new Ikea desk needs my computer (and its entourage) to be on it which means unplugging lots and lots of things and then plugging them in somewhere else. And with nine whole days of no humans to scare/bite/annoy, the house’s bug population just laid down and died, so vacuuming would be good. And there’s no food in the house but fortunately the grocery stores are closed on Sundays, or I’d have to do that today too. Oh and I did manage the reorganizing of my clothes before we left, so my yarn has to go into the newly emptied boxes and bins, and out of the current arrangement, which I call “chaotic mess I can’t find anything when I need it GAH!”. Also, the kids are starting 1st and 7th grade (respectively) the day after tomorrow and I suppose something should be done about that. Presumably by me, because DrBob is getting on a plane in a few hours.

It’s all so overwhelming that I think the first order of business is really to sit at my (old) desk and feel helpless. I’ve been very good at that today. Occasionally I leap up and put a few things away, and then the overwhelm hits again and I have to sit down and google something or read or um… blog!

Song du jour of the day: Hit Me Like the First Time, by the Flaming Lips.

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