Monday I went to Munich to finish up some work at the office, then hung out and knit…ted? Knat? Whatever. Hung out and drank pretend coffee with Elemmaciltur. That means a day not at home, neither cleaning nor shopping.

Tuesday we went to IKEA (*swoooon*) to buy, oh several things, about half of them relating to me reorganizing my office – a new desk, and some stuff for storage. Wednesday we… oh, that’s today, isn’t it? Well, we were going to get a lot of things done, but some friends from out of town happened to be in the neighborhood and so they came by for a few hours. As they are pretty much number one on our list of People We Really Should Call Sometime, that was actually a good thing, but um, it didn’t help us with all the stuff we have to get done. Did I mention that we’re going to Corsica? Oh, right, I did. Did I also tell you that DrBob flies to London on the same actual day that we get back from Corsica? So that means he has to clear out his office in Munich totally, right now – that was on his to-do list for today.

Me, I have to burn my most recent website onto a CD and mail it to the client, just in case the web-host finds its butt with both hands transfers her domain over before I get back. Send out a package to my Secret Pal. Clean the house. Use up all the perishable food. Pack for three people – ever notice how, when children come into a family, the daddy is still himself, but the mommy is suddenly lots of people? I’m the one with three insurance cards and four people’s schedules in my head, I shop for a whole family (DrBob goes to the grocery store and comes back with a bottle of whiskey, a loaf of bread, and some Man-scented shower gel), and yes, I pack for three people while he throws some socks in a suitcase and wonders what’s taking me so long.

So that is why my office is full of tools and discarded ikea-packaging, mailing labels and luggage and teensy bottles of bath products and four different laundry baskets, all full, and the legs of a table that we dismantled to make room for my new desk – four table legs, just lying on the floor. Egad. I should get off my blogging butt and try to make some sense of this, because ack! We leave tomorrow, people!

Song du jour of the day: hip, hip

2 responses to “mess

  • amy

    Yes, I’ve noticed that mommy-being-lots-of-people phenomena. It helps take the sting out of the fact that we don’t go on vacation often, because the getting ready for vacation and getting over vacation just about cancel out the vacation.

    But I’m sure you got it all done! Post some pictures when you get back!

  • amy

    Phenomenon. (Although maybe the plural was actually apt there, considering?)

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