We went to the uh… oop, doesn’t translate. The Therme, the biggest one in Europe apparently. It means something like hot springs with baths associated, so there’s saunas and whirlpools and all kinds of temperatures of water and massage and sulfur baths and salt water pools and something called “color therapy” and mud you can smear on your face and something Himalayan, whatever the hell that means. It’s ha-yoooge, see? And one section is all water-slides. The kids had a blast, as you can imagine, and it cost a flippin’ fortune so we won’t be going all that often, but still. Today was yet another one of those days that remind me that I live in the best place in the world, and I’d have to be crazy to think of leaving it.

Song du jour of the day: Born at the Right Time, by Paul Simon.


4 responses to “whoosh!

  • Nate

    I totally know what you mean… because this is where we went this summer (it’s 42 different things on 64 acres, about 10 minutes from our house): http://www.waterworldcolorado.com/
    love those local day trips that seem expensive and totally wear you out, by they sure create memories. Once a year should do it. Makes it special, too. Your cool euro-waterpark is a little cheaper than the big-ass one we got, though. We’re the same age again, by the way. : ]

  • alala

    I know. I sent you a card! And I thought about you lots all last week, AND I celebrated your birthday by taking 3 kids (mine and a guest) to a water park! You would have enjoyed it.

    Your waterworld thing looks very cool. We may make you take us there when we visit. Which will be… sometime in the next couple years. Probably.

  • amy

    Isn’t it great when you do something that reminds you how happy you are to be right where you are? I feel the same way. As jealous as I am of your upcoming Italian vacation, I love where I live so much. And that is a wonderful feeling, isn’t it?

  • FirstNations

    That. Sounds. AWESOME.
    why don’t we have anything like that here???

    We used to go to SolDuc hot springs out on the Olympic Peninsula, until it got ‘discovered’. you’d feel blissfull for a week afterwards.

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