Daily Archives: 25 August 2007

almost perfect day

We went to watch a soccer game today, in DrBob’s hometown, oh, let’s call it Jagenau. The Jagenau team is really doing well, and they were playing for first place in the league today. They tied, so they don’t get to be first, but otherwise, everything was just so nice. The weather was good and lots of people were there and they set up this grill and burn sausages and slabs of meat and for €2.50 (= kind of a lot, but what the hell) they’ll slap one on a bun for you. And you get to sit on the grass right up next to the pitch and and shout and drink beer it’s all just so village-y. We don’t do it nearly often enough, I think we’re um, busy or something. But you know, we really should do it more. We’re lucky to have such a good team so nearby.

I didn’t get any knitting done, though. With soccer, you sort of have to pay attention.

Song du jour of the day: Perfect, by The The.