vacation taking shape

A week from tonight, we stuff the kids in the car at like 2 a.m. (with carsick meds) and drive to Pisa. We’ll check out the Arno, the old town center, the city wall (my thing) and cathedral (DrBob’s thing) and the Leaning Tower (for the Sniglet), maybe find some Etruscan or Roman ruins (for Ignatz), stay a night in this hotel, and then drive to Livorno to board the ferry to Corsica.

We’ll be staying here (click on the diaporama link for pictures) for the week – I think the idea is we’ll save money by buying food at the grocery store instead of eating at restaurants every day. And there’s a beach some 200 meters away, which DrBob is all scampery about, but I think the boys and I will hang out by the pool. After shepherding two little boys through toddlerhood, I think I’ve had enough of sand.

More news as things develop.

Song du jour of the day: That’s Amore, by Dean Martin. Ting-a-ling-a-ling.

6 responses to “vacation taking shape

  • amy

    That sounds wonderful. My mind is boggling that you can drive to Pisa. How long of a ride is that? I took a night train from Munich to Florence–is that about the same? (Is Munich in Bavaria? Geesh, I feel so American and stupid.) Italy’s geography I’m better on. And I’m very, very jealous.

  • alala

    Yep, Munich’s in Bavaria, and Pisa’s about 700km away, so probably 8-9 hours with our little Twingo, which is cute but not very powerful. DrBob really likes to drive, so we’ve already been to Siena and to Venice by car, not to mention Rovinj (Croatia) last year. Being there is great, but getting there is rough, since Ignatz and I get carsick.

  • Laura F.

    That sounds like so much fun. Sébastien raves about la Corse, which I still haven’t had a chance to see.

    I had my heroine drive a rental Twingo in this recent book, the one I just finished, and my agent thought I had made the car up! :) She didn’t think there could really be a car like that! I have to admit that my heroine had a very bad relationship with her Twingo.

  • alala

    Haha! We love our Twingo, though not as much as some people. Tell your agent there are even Twingo clubs, groups of people who get together based solely on the fact that they all own Twingos. Germans have clubs for everything, but I happen to know from St Google that there are also Twingo Clubs in Italy, Switzerland and the UK.

  • Melanie

    Kick and I (yes, both of us) saw/felt/experienced a ghost in Pisa. At a restaurant no less. And Kick is not a ghost seeing sort of guy. Did I tell you about that at the time? It was during the pre-wedding trip of 2003 when we saw you. It was within sight of the tower, so tell the boys to watch out for Mr. Ghost breaking dishes. And have a great great time, it sounds wonderful.

  • Laume

    It looks like a wonderful plan. My son’s girlfriend visited Pisa when she went to Italy last summer and brought home all sorts of photographs of her “holding up” the Leaning Tower. It never occurred to me to do this but, of course! Apparently it’s a standard tourist tradition.

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