Apple Chicken

Umm, yes I can share my recipe for apple chicken, but I can’t give you amounts, because I don’t use them. All amounts (for all my recipes) are “whatever seems appropriate” or “what you have to hand.”

So. Stuff, in order of appearance:
olive oil
chicken pieces (I use boneless, skinless chicken breasts, but whatever you have – I haven’t tried it, but I think this’d work with pork chops too)
chicken or vegetable broth
sherry or dryish white wine
thin apple slices without peels – probably 2 or 3 apples’ worth
cider vinegar
brown sugar

What to do:
heat the olive oil in a big frying pan with a lid. Brown the chicken on both (or all) sides, then add broth and sherry, in whatever ratio you want, totaling oh, maybe a cup of liquid in all. Throw in the apple slices, cover, and simmer until the chicken is done, what, 10-15 minutes I suppose. Then add brown sugar… maybe half a cup? And a splash or two of vinegar, and maybe some more broth and/or sherry if it looks like you don’t have enough liquid in there. Stir it around, and simmer with the lid off until the side dishes are ready and the table is set.

It might want salt. I guess that depends on the strength and amount of the broth. And I make the sauce thin, but if you wanted to thicken it with cornstarch or flour, I suppose you could.

Song du jour of the day: Death to the Martyrs, by The Ark

One response to “Apple Chicken

  • amy

    Thank you!! That’s how my recipes are, too, with the amounts. You know, “enough” or “not so much” or “a little less than you’d think.” That sort of thing. I’m looking forward to trying this dish this autumn.

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