Daily Archives: 23 August 2007

vacation taking shape

A week from tonight, we stuff the kids in the car at like 2 a.m. (with carsick meds) and drive to Pisa. We’ll check out the Arno, the old town center, the city wall (my thing) and cathedral (DrBob’s thing) and the Leaning Tower (for the Sniglet), maybe find some Etruscan or Roman ruins (for Ignatz), stay a night in this hotel, and then drive to Livorno to board the ferry to Corsica. Continue reading

Apple Chicken

Umm, yes I can share my recipe for apple chicken, but I can’t give you amounts, because I don’t use them. All amounts (for all my recipes) are “whatever seems appropriate” or “what you have to hand.” Continue reading

last of the apples

Well the last of the apples wasn’t enough for a whole pie, so I made Apple Chicken for dinner last night, and an apple-blackberry pie (with blackberries from the garden) that I was going to take over to Christine this morning. Only Ignatz didn’t know about that part of the plan, so he very thoughtfully brought me a slice of pie after dinner. Hmm, what do do now? Take an adulterated pie over, or just keep it? A dilemma.

Song du jour of the day: Suit of Lights, by Elvis Costello