I don’t actually clean very much because I think I don’t have time. I mean, sure, it’d take two minutes to wipe down that counter, but I would get sucked into reorganizing all the items on said counter, cleaning them with windex, emptying the toaster’s crumb-tray, wiping down all the cabinet- and drawer-fronts (which would lead me into cleaning out and reorganizing all the drawers and planning the next week’s menus to use up all the food I find that I can’t remember when I bought it), cleaning the window, scouring the sink and possibly cleaning the oven, and all that is what I don’t have time for. It’s a problem of focus, what I have.

DrBob comes home from London tomorrow night, and I have to spend the day in Munich, working at one of my jobs, so today was the day to clean the house. Unfortunately, I started with the refrigerator, which happened to contain a whole drawer full of apples that had fallen from my neighbor’s mother’s trees – heavily bruised, partly-rotted, but mostly sound. Christine offers them around the neighborhood as an alternative to throwing them away, and last year I was too busy to accept, but this year I was… too busy but I accepted anyway.

So, now I have a sparkly-clean fridge, which makes me happy every time I look inside it, menu plans for the next five days (to use up things like sour cream and pesto and tomatoes) plus two freezer-bags each containing eight cups of peeled apple slices (8 cups = one pie), and a vat of homemade applesauce, some of which we ate with potato pancakes that we had to make because look! There’s applesauce! So I definitely put in the time today, I just didn’t actually get anything done toward making the house look nice for the homecoming hero. Well that’s not quite true: the Sniglet did the bathrooms.

Song du jour of the day: Yakety Yak Don’t Talk Back by the Coasters


5 responses to “half-domesticated

  • Elemmaciltur

    Apfelmus with potato pancakes?!

    And cleaning out the fridge and plan the menu for a week…maybe I should do that, too.

  • Melanie

    Mmm pancakes with applesauce…. Remember snitzel mit schpatzel ?? (which I can’t spell). I served “burritos” with corn tortillas the other day, is this something only a Canadian would do?

  • FirstNations

    oh geeze, i’m in the middle of corn and tomatoes and now you reminded me that APPLES are just around the corner. oy vey.

  • alala

    @ Elemm: not necessarily. If you don’t mind sponanaiety and can walk to the grocery store, winging it is a perfectly good strategy. One of the things that’s different with kids.

    @ Melanie: well, they have corn tortillas, what are you supposed to use them for? At least it was burritos and not… oh Lordy, I don’t even know what Germans would do with tortillas. Something dreadful, no doubt.

    @ FN: yep, and you in Washington State! Have fun with that!

  • Laume

    This sound exactly how I would approach a day of cleaning – good intentions and then off on a satisfying but ultimately guilt provoking detour, even if I worked hard, as it appears you have done. I’m so craving potato pancakes now – but I have chinese leftovers and no grating ability with my bum wrist.

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