lazy reader

I know, I know Neuromancer is a Great Book™, it birthed the cyberpunk genre and was incredibly forward-looking and all that, and I know I should be enjoying it, but um, I’m not. I just can’t bring myself to care about any of the characters. Also, I noticed awhile back that I tend to prefer music made by men, and books made by women? And I don’t really go too deeply into why I like this or that, but here is one tiny little reason why the latter: check out the love-interest in Neuromancer – kickass girl ninja has retractable metal claws, but she still wears high heels and makes the coffee. Yes, society will change unrecognizably, but women will still be sexy and servile and essentially without personality. And Mr Gibson smacks his forehead for not foreseeing cel phones (I read an interview a couple days ago). I find this particularly interesting because when he wrote Neuromancer, he was a SAHD and the missus was supporting the family. But, you know, a lot of men just don’t notice these things, and nobody really expects them to. I don’t really expect them to, but the ones who do? I like them better. It’s not a deal-breaker, I’ll certainly read his other books, but it’s a small thing that always makes me go “Pssht.”

And, you know, I’m sure I’ll pick it up again, but I’ve been reading a few pages a day, while I wait to fall asleep, and after something like five weeks I’m about halfway through. And then the day before yesterday I shrugged and picked up Between, Georgia because I didn’t feel like taking Neuromancer into the bathtub, and I’m already halfway through that because I find that I’m still tired, but I’m more interested in what happens next, and I pick up the book in the morning to read for half an hour before I get up.

I know, I can’t seriously be arguing that some Southern Gothic Chicklit is better than the Greatest Sci-Fi Novel Of All Time, but, um, well, I’m enjoying it more. A lot more.

I also just bought The Fourth Bear, and handed it over to Ignatz so I wouldn’t read it too soon. I wonder if Ignatz will even understand it, though. I love Jasper Fforde because he references every work of literature, fairy tale, and nursery rhyme ever, while still riffing on genre-fiction, which I have always read but always felt a bit, oh, abashed about reading. But I love him because I’ve read pretty much everything he references, because I had books instead of friends in high school. Do non book-geeks like him too?

Song du jour of the day: Vicar in a Tutu, by the Smiths


2 responses to “lazy reader

  • Kel

    No clue- I love him, but I’m a total book geek. Speaking of which, you should check out Assassination Vacation or The Cloudy Patriot (both by Sarah Vowell)- I think you might like them…

  • Laume

    I’ve never even HEARD of Neuromancer (but now will have to see what the deal is, thanks a lot for adding to my reading list – sigh). But Between, Georgia – GREAT READ!!!!!!!!

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