Movin’ on up

We had a nice-ish apartment when we first married. Dinky, because it was under the roof, so only half of each room was really usable, but it was in a nice location, and the landlord wasn’t running the place for profit, so we could afford the rent.

Then we moved to Eagle Heights – student family housing at the University of Madison-Wisconsin. They were engaged in a massive remodeling project, turning dozens of light, airy apartments into dank, dark, wood-paneled nightmares. We lived in two light, airy rooms for awhile (family of 3. Two rooms. Not exactly comfy), but the advent of the Sniglet required a move, and we got a 3-room dank-dark nightmare. From there we moved to a sublet in Munich, back to two rooms, and we looked for a more permanent place.

The housing market was hella tight that year, every time we called about an apartment we got “Ischoweck” (Bavarian for “it’s already taken”). We found one available place each in Waldkraiburg, Mühldorf, and Dorfen. The first two were funky (and not in a good way) apartments, the last was a house. Big, by our standards, light, airy, nice neighborhood, etc. It was more than we wanted to spend, but DrBob’s best friend said “Haven’t you lived like college students long enough? When are you going to start living like grown-ups?” So we took the nice place. We lived there for five years, and I would occasionally have these flashes of I-can’t-believe-we-get-to-live-here!

And when we moved, out, it was to move into an even bigger house, that we get to own, in an even nicer neighborhood, and I have even more of those flashes. I love this house. And there is no fah-reaking way we would ever be able to afford this much space anywhere within commuting distance of London.

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3 responses to “Movin’ on up

  • Melanie

    My previous comment bitching about my small town irritations? Just ditto your blog, subbing my town for Dorfen and Vancouver for London. Fucking practicalities, eh?

  • Laura F.

    Oh, were you at Madison? I had forgotten. I was just there for a conference. It looks like a wonderful town to live in! Although I believe I would freeze solid in the winter.

  • alala

    Yes, you would freeze solid, and then you would be unable to move, only stare in horror as a hailstorm bashed out the windows of your car.

    I don’t miss Madison winters at all, at all.

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