the Fair!

I went through my blog archives to see if last August was this dull and rainy and lacking-in-bloggable-events, and lo! Last August was Fun With Bronchitis Month! Yes, technically it was pneumonia, but we didn’t know that until September. So okay, I guess I’m glad that this month is less eventful than it was last year.

DrBob leaves for a week in London on Monday, to set up his office and the flat he’s subletting, get a start on planning lessons, that sort of thing. I will be home alone with two school-aged children who are not in school. At least it’s Volksfest time (that’s like the fair), and I will document it if the rain lets up and light gets good enough because y’all in America? You’ve never seen a fair like this. Now, granted, I lived in Columbus Ohio as a little-un, so the Ohio State Fair is sort of what shaped my idea of what these things should be like. And then, living in Port Townsend, I thought the Jefferson County Fair was “cute” because you could see and do everything in less than two hours.

Our fair? Is more like a corner-fair. You walk down the midway and there’s like four things, you turn a corner, there’s four more things, and that’s it. It’s eensy. It’s like a bonsai-fair. There is one ride that the Sniglet will go on – the thing with the cars and trucks that go around and around for awhile and then stop – though he’s probably too old for that this year. And there’s the bumper cars for Ignatz. This year there seems to be a ferris wheel, big news. I haven’t been yet because it hasn’t stopped raining, but I’ll try to get an inventory.

So anyway, if the weather lets up, we’ll be going every day, but because it’s so small, that will only kill about half an hour a day, and that includes travel time.

Song du jour of the day: (I Don’t Want to Go to) Chelsea, by Elvis Costello. Except I totally do. I’m trying really hard not to be envious of DrBob, but I am failing spectacularly.


5 responses to “the Fair!

  • FirstNations

    we have the Lynden-Whatcom County Fair coming up Monday and I’m going with the Goonybird and the Stainless Steel Amazon. Ted Fricken’ Nugent is playing there, of all people! lo, how the mighty hath fallen. from the nicest ass in rock n roll to the biggest, that’s ol Tedster.
    When do you get to finally join your hubby? Soon, I hope??? is that why the kids are still running loose? I would lose my mind…loose kids and no Biker. Waaa!

  • MsRebecca

    I just realized that I haven’t been to a fair yet this year, that’s amazing considering with my 2 kids they’re always trying to drag me off to one, and I’m always game for some of those fries or better yet an elephant ear..

  • alala

    Ted Fricken’ Nugent! How awesome is that! We saw Simmisamma last night – you’ve never heard of them, but, um, they wear leather shorts! And they’re very cheerful!

    Whether we join the hubby is still way up in the air. It’s all very complicated.

    Hi MsR, welcome to the blog. Aw, I forgot all about the elephant ears! Chocolate-covered fruit on a stick is the standard fair fare here. And crepes. Germans are so weird.

  • Melanie

    “It’s like a bonsai-fair”!!!???!!! You are funny. I too, will be going to the Lynden fair, it seems. Hi FirstNations, see you there. This small American border town thing is wearing a bit thin. Everyone in this town goes to church and I feel like just asking them if they voted for Bush immediately upon meeting them. But maybe everyone did and it would just be too depressing.

  • Odie

    I was in Neustadt a.d. Donau two years ago for their Volksfest. Seems like everyone in town and all the neighboring towns was there. The food and drink were spectacular. One morning, all the Kinder had a flea market along the street. All in all, a lot of fun. (And I come from the state of the grandest of all state fairs, which I will be attending on Friday)

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