Daily Archives: 5 August 2007

what you say?

Amy said,

Oh, my word, where can I get a pair of those silver boots?

Not here in Germany, that’s for sure.

I’m glad the school situation has resolved into a plan, at least. I always feel better with a plan.

Oh, so do I, really really. Even if that plan isn’t the one that actually ends up happening, I have it if I need it. Always need a plan.

Samirah said,

you could take some solace in the fact that he’s still way way WAY better than the majority of kids i knew in middle school. or you could not. it’s up to you really.

ps. i went to mark twain middle school. notorious for it’s 6th grad drug dealers and violent weapon problem.

Yep, lots of solace. He’s a great kid, and sometimes I wonder how worked up I should even get about this. And I wouldn’t, except there’s no do-overs: if he botches high school and that later turns out to have been a bad idea, he can’t go back and fix it. Is all.

Elemmaciltur said,

BTW, you forgot “Stefan” and “Thomas”. ;-)

You’re right, I did. But now we’ve really got 98% of the male population of Germany covered.

(The other 2% are named something weird that only happens in Germany, like Axel and Carsten and Dieter. And Florian).

Song du jour of the day: Liebe ist Alles, by Rosenstolz.