I’ll think of a title later

Um, so it’s school vacation, and I’m working, and one of my jobs makes me tear my hair out and the other one is just fine but much more interesting to do than to describe and the kids are fine and all and I’m knitting a lot.

Possibly the final word on the Ignatz saga for oh, at least a month I should think:

Right, boarding school is out. A few days ago, we went to the local kitchen store to find a birthday present for Oma, and of course, as I always do, I had a chat with the owner, whose grandson is one of Ignatz’s classmates – or was. I hadn’t known this, but apparently Alex (no need to change names here, since one out of every three boys in Germany is named Alex. The others are all Matthias or Jonas.) hadn’t been doing his homework or studying (said his mom, who was also in the shop that day), so they sent him to a private school in Gars. Huh. A friend of DrBob’s went to that school, voluntarily, back in the 80s when it was a boarding school. Apparently it isn’t anymore, the kids come home at 5, with their homework and studying already done under supervision.

I do NOT like the elitism associated with private schools in the U.S., but the friend of DrBob’s who went there, let’s call him, oh, howbout Tony, seems like a pretty good guy, and I didn’t get a whiff of snobbitude from Alex’s mom. Just, he wasn’t doing his work, so they sent him someplace that would make him do it. Basically, they ran out of patience before we did, is all.

So I could farm out the supervision thing. I could send Ignatz to a school which has already turned out one pretty-good guy, and where he already knows someone. And he would still come home every day. I like the sound of this.

We’re too busy to do much about it now, though. DrBob is trying to finish his, um, fourth book I think. Maybe the fifth. And he has to move to London and all that. So I think what we’re going to do next year is send Ignatz next door to Christine after school every day and see if that improves his schoolwork, and if it doesn’t, we’ll try this school in Gars, and maybe it’ll give him the structure and consistency that we can’t seem to provide.

Song du jour of the day: Evil 1980s Song Virus given to me by Ignatz talking about bubble-gum pop bands. Click at your own risk.


3 responses to “I’ll think of a title later

  • amy

    Oh, my word, where can I get a pair of those silver boots?

    I’m glad the school situation has resolved into a plan, at least. I always feel better with a plan.

  • samirah

    you could take some solace in the fact that he’s still way way WAY better than the majority of kids i knew in middle school. or you could not. it’s up to you really.

    ps. i went to mark twain middle school. notorious for it’s 6th grad drug dealers and violent weapon problem.

  • Elemmaciltur

    Well, I hope it all works out.

    BTW, you forgot “Stefan” and “Thomas”. 😉

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