turning German

So the parking space next to ours is occupied by this brown mercedes. Always. Until recently it was covered in what would look like old Saran Wrap, if they made it in that size, and even though the Saran Wrap is gone, the car is always there. I don’t think anyone drives it. Nevertheless, I found a note on my windshield today that said “Leave enough space for the neighbor to get in their car!” (my translation).

I fumed about it while I drove the Sniglet to his grandparents’ house, and when I got back, I wrote on the same piece of paper, “I do leave enough space for the neighbor who uses her car. By the way, some people say ‘Please’.”

Oh my God. I’ve got the German officiousness. I need a Silkwood shower, quick!

Song du jour of the day: Get Off of My Cloud, by the Rolling Stones.


One response to “turning German

  • FirstNations

    woooooooops. but hey, better you fit in than you get identified as ‘different’ in a country full of tidy conformists (and this is the vilest form of stereotyping on my part as i am judging them by the german popooulation of the town I grew up in….yeah.)

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