bad kitty. heh heh.

But first, My Friend is in the paper today! How cool is that? Okay, I knew how cool he is, but now you can find out too! Erm, if you can read German…

Anyway. Lilu is still rocking the split personality, sometimes an inert mass, sometimes a fluffy cyclone of claws and teeth. I think she’s doubled in size since she came to live with us, so the fluffy cyclone can do more damage now. Morning is her freaky-time – well, one of her freaky-times – and she tends to berserk around the bedroom, clawing our fingers and toes. Today she found something other than fingers and toes. Something that generally lives in DrBob’s boxers. I rescued him immediately, but still. I’ve been snickering all day.

She also escaped into the neighbors’ yard, twice, while I was at work in Munich. And she ran up the birch tree, freaked out because she couldn’t get down, had to be rescued by DrBob, and? Come on, those of you who have cats can say it with me: she ran back up the tree. Yep.

By the time I got back from Munich she was inert again, and I’ve been spending the evening telling her what a good girl she is.

Oh, also? She follows me all around the house, but nonchalantly, as if she doesn’t want me to know that that’s what she’s doing. Fr’instance, if have to go to the kitchen she decides she’s a tad peckish and visits her food dish. If I go to the living room, her mission is to stand on the couch and stare alertly at something other than me. Or I go to the bathroom and she follows me in, but she’s all, “Oh, I’m just here to check the tile grout. Mhm, mhm, looks fine.”

Song du jour of the day: Something So Strong, by Crowded House.


One response to “bad kitty. heh heh.

  • Laume

    My cats do the same thing. And if I’m outside, they all follow me around en masse. It’s so cute. And my chihuahua is like having a toddler in the house again. No going to the bathroom by myself. If I try to shut the door, she pushes it open with all her little five pounds of stay-with-mama and then apparently it’s her job to check the shower for intruders while I get on with peeing.

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