first grade looms

I can’t blog anymore, because I live at Ravelry now. I’m sure you understand.

It’s not just hot, it’s damn-hot. I expect a tree to explode any minute now. No wait, they do that when it’s cold, right? Oh what do I know, I’m from the Pacific Northwest ferpetesake. We don’t have temperature extremes. Anyway, it’s hot. Only six kids even showed up for soccer practice today. How many are there normally? Ummm, I don’t know. A surfeit.

After practice, I had about ten minutes to feed the demon spawn and race off to the first official parents’ evening for my soon-to-be first-grader, wherein we found out what class he’ll be in, met his future teacher, and got to see the really cool classroom that was his teacher’s up till now, but they’ll be handing it over to the junior high and moving our kids somewhere else. Where? Dunno. Where Germans get their reputation for being organized is a mystery to me. Then afterwards I stood around with the other moms of kids in his current class (remember, he’s in transitional first grade, which is for kids with problems) and talked about how it could be better, but it could be worse.

He didn’t get Fr W, who was Ignatz’s first-grade teacher, and who is teh super. We loved her. He also didn’t get um, another teacher whom I’d better not name because I don’t want to be sued, but the other moms seemed not to like her very much. The Sniglet’s new teacher is on the verge of retiring, and two of the moms I was talking to were actually in her class when they were six. They report that she was fine. She seemed very no-nonsense, she could have spoken for hours about the stuff in the handout she gave us, but she was like, “It’s all in the handout. You can read.” I like this. And the Sniglet does dish out the occasional nonsense, so a teacher who’s seen everything and can say “don’t even try it, kid” is about what he needs. Plus, having seen everything, she won’t put up with his moodiness, but she also won’t try to diagnose it as some disorder. Yay.

So, all in all, I’m happy. Student distribution could be better: three boys and one girl from his current class will be with him – I feel sorry for that girl. Fr Wierer gets one of our boys and two girls – I feel sorry for that boy. Most of the other kids, including Jonas, who has been in Ignatz’s class since they were both two, are going to the other school, which is sad but we already knew that. I’m glad Ignatz has one friend and two familiar faces in his new class, at least.

It’ll be fine.

Song du jour of the day: Word Up, by Cameo. Cameo, y’hear? All those lame-ass cover versions can go die.


2 responses to “first grade looms

  • amy

    Wow. Gotta love those multi-generational teachers. That was my first-grade teacher. I thought she was ancient. Then in my 20s she was a volunteer at the environmental organization I worked for. And she looked exactly the same as she had when I was six. I told my mom, and my mom said, “Really? I thought she’d be dead by now.” So it wasn’t just the kids who thought she was ancient.

    Good luck with the heat. Perhaps trees explode in the cold and spontaneously combust in the heat? Either way, watch those trees carefully. đŸ™‚

  • Melanie

    What’s with Word Up?????? Did you mention this in other recent posts, because the freakin’ song has been in my head for days. Why?????
    Glad to hear your good news re: class for wee one next year. Good luck to you all.

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