enough with the fun already!

I’ve gritched about this before: the Sniglet’s kindergarten had all these grand plans for field trips, and a couple months ago they realized the year’s almost over, and instead of canceling a few, they stuffed them ALL into these last two months. Since the start of June, not a week has gone by without something that 1) costs money, 2) breaks his routine, and 3) requires some investment of parental time. We skipped a few, just because – aaagh! You know?

Last week? Two weeks ago? They went walking in the woods 3 days in a row, some place out past um… Oberunterbergschwindkirchen or something, miles away, had to be driven there (and then fetched back, filthy and sodden – I dumped an inch of water out of one child’s boots) by us moms two of those days. And today they planned yet another walk in the woods, and we moms were supposed to give up our morning to accompany them. Hmph. I really tried not to convey my exasperation to the Sniglet when I asked if he wanted to go, but I must have let him see it – that, or he’s exasperated too. He said no, he doesn’t want to go. When I asked why, he said, “Last time I brought half the river home with me! Do you think I want that to happen to my family!?”

Hahahahahaha. Kids.

Song du jour of the day: So Alive, by Love and Rockets.


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