booklearnin’, feh.

ok, first let me just say – i’m a double major in history and literature. now, i have no idea what the hell dr.bob’s book is about and i read that paragraph about 8 times.

this could be the failings of the american public education system or it could be me not being very bright. i’ll let you decide.

It’s probably neither, just that you’re an undergrad, and if you stick with it through two Ph.Ds, as he did, it’ll come to make more sense. He writes a lot about the intersection of history and literature, so it’s quite interesting, if a bit too, um… arcane for most actual humans. There’s a heavy dollop of philosophy in there too, about how people’s perception of concepts like “self” and “agency” and “authority” have changed over the centuries, and why they changed. I don’t really understand everything he writes either, which makes proofing his stuff really, really… dense. I felt like my brain had been scrambled by the time I finished the dratted thing, and now? NOW he says he wants to have his next book finished before he leaves for Croatia. The week after next. It’s mostly written (his job), it just has to be tidied up (my job).


Anyway. I promise I will be less brain-fried soon, no really. I started two new knitting projects today, and revived my old blog, as promised, and re-wrote a pattern so I could link to it on Ravelry. Knitterati, bounce on over to for fiber content. The rest of y’all, stay here.

And I watched Flushed Away with the kids. We liked it. It was cute, and certain of us are a little too jazzed by just about anything Jean Reno does. We can’t help it. Le Frog was le fabulous.

Song (virus) du jour of the day: I Pathologize, by the Ark. Don’t know much about love and roses / but I know we’ve got compatible neuroses…

4 responses to “booklearnin’, feh.

  • samirah

    ah, ok, i feel slightly less stupid and poorly educated now. thank you.

  • Laura F.

    Le Frog was fabulous. “We leave in 5 minutes.” “Wait! We haven’t had dinner.” “Okay, we leave in five hours.”

    DrBob’s book reminds me of some of my graduate classes. I bet he has studied and even references one of my old professors, now colleague. But maybe not!

  • alala

    Dr Mignolo, perhaps? I’ve met him, he was quite nice.

    And that was exactly the Le Frog moment I was thinking of too.

  • Laura F.

    Yes, that’s the one! I took a couple of classes with him, one only a couple of years ago, when I was thinking about going back to finish the PhD I stopped in BloP.

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