lining up to slap me

…y’all should be. Seriously, I don’t know what the hell has gotten into me lately, I just haven’t had any thoughts that seemed interesting enough to share with you. I am nose down in DrBob’s latest book – a VIP (Very Influential Publisher) has indicated interest in it, so we have to have it finished and proofread by Tuesday morning. It’s interesting without really being my area of interest, you know? It’s sort of about the constitution of the subject (both subject as “self” and subject as a, whaddyacallit, person who is ruled by a king, kind of subject) in early modern (17th century-ish) Spanish America, and about the intersection of fact and self-promotion in autobiography and bureaucratic reports… sort of. It’s hard to explain, and hard for me to understand because I’m supposed to be reading for meaning and checking spelling and comma-placement all at the same time, which is sort of like juggling and tap-dancing at the same time – doable, with practice, but not for six hours, which is what I put in today.

Also, DrBob got another job offer! In Kassel, which is in Germany, but north of here (okay, pretty much everything in Germany is north of here). It’s for this September, so he can’t take it because he’s already signed the contract for the London job, but still, it’s nice to be asked, you know?

I am also nose-down in a website for a tour company that mostly does Austria. The work is fussy and fiddly, and has the side-effect of making me totally want to tour Austria with a knowledgeable guide, even the parts I’ve already seen.

Lilu is an endless source of fascination for me, but probably not so much for you, so I’ve been reluctant to write about her. She’s a cat: she does cat things. The children are in a holding pattern, because it’s the last month of the school year, so there’s not a lot to say about them right now. I spend a lot of time clicking around Ravelry, but I’m not too keen on writing about that because you either a) don’t knit, and therefore don’t care, b) are already in and already know how fab it is, or c) haven’t got your invite yet, and my rhapsodies would just make you feel sad and left out.

Speaking of people who don’t knit and therefore don’t care, I’ve never really understood people who have the attention span to maintain more than one blog, but I begin to see the point. I’m thinking of reviving ifzijax as my knitting blog, inspired largely by the fact that my ravelry profile links to my latest blog entries, many of which are 100% knitting-free. Also because I haven’t been able to figure out how to mess with this blog’s sidebar, to put in the ravelry and cast-on and various knitalong buttons and such. I will learn this – I’m going to get a book, since I don’t feel like I have the time for trial-and-error – but probably not soon.

Anyway. That’s about what’s going on. A happy life is a wonderful thing, but it’s not giving me a lot to blog about.

Song du jour of the day: Absolutely No Decorum, by the Arc.


One response to “lining up to slap me

  • samirah

    ok, first let me just say – i’m a double major in history and literature. now, i have no idea what the hell dr.bob’s book is about and i read that paragraph about 8 times.

    this could be the failings of the american public education system or it could be me not being very bright. i’ll let you decide.

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