no pics for you!

I made these booties! Only they don’t look like that because, as I mentioned, I am constitutionally incapable of using someone else’s pattern as written. The booties I made are quite cute, even though they don’t exactly follow the pattern, but you can’t see them, because even though I’m a pretty good knitter, I’m a very bad photographer, with a very bad camera. It says “flash”, look there’s the little flashy-arrow-symbol right there on the damn screen, why isn’t it flashing? Piffle. My dad was a great photographer, but I guess those genes went to… um, my brother-in-law. Neat trick, that.

Speaking of my dad, today is his 60th birthday! And I’d be phoning him, if he hadn’t died 15 years ago. Well 14 1/2, but still, that’s such a long time! And it’s too bad, really, because he um, well, he had some problems that made him uh, maybe not the best dad ever. But he’d’ve been a terrific grandpa, and he never got the chance. I miss him most when I think about how much fun he would have had with his grandchildren.

Song du jour of the day: Time in a Bottle, by Jim Croce. Happy Birthday, Dad.


4 responses to “no pics for you!

  • amy

    oh, damn, that songs gets me every single time. I’m sorry.

  • alala

    Yeah, he really loved it. I mean, I do too, but I only even know about Jim Croce because of my dad.

  • Laura F.

    Birthdays are a sad day for that. And Father’s Day. It’s good you are thinking of him, though.

  • Nate

    late and all, but the song I always connect with him is the Harry Chapin ‘Cats in the Cradle’ song. His birthday doesn’t get me like Father’s Day does, though, because I don’t think he ever really celebrated his birthday much. I think about him a lot now that I’m finishing my big ol’ basement by my dumb ol’ self with all the skills he was supposed to teach me but couldn’t because he died when I was 21. At least he had time to impart two perhaps-more-important things during the occasional bring-along fix-it-up… confidence and the advice to “use the right tools”. I find myself hoping he’s proud of me when I get something totally right and wishing he hadn’t left early when I get something wrong. I hope he can see it, but I’m not sure. He stopped appearing in my dreams about 5 years ago.

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