We saw the slappable therapist at 9, I don’t want to talk about it.

Then I took the train to Munich to go to my Other Job. Upheaval abounds at the office, I don’t want to talk about it.

Ever since that stupid pneumonia last September, every time I catch a cold it feels like my trachea’s being sanded. I have a cold right now. And probably pms.

The cat peed on my bed for the second time. Advice, particularly from Laume, is hereby pathetically solicited, re how to get the smell out of the mattress, and also, why is she doing this?

I still have to do the stylesheet for the website for the client I saw last Sunday.

I dunno. I just don’t feel… write-y lately. I feel grumpy instead. And knitty, and listen-to-podcasty. I’ll go do that. Tomorrow I’ll do the stylesheet and then I’ll write about my first baby booties! Oh, and Kelly’s socks.

Song du jour of the day: Genesis, by Michael Hajiyanni. Because, eye candy! Huh? Song sucks? Uh… was there a song too? I didn’t notice.


4 responses to “mood

  • Elemmaciltur

    Awwwwww….yes, go knit and listen to podcasts!

  • samirah

    i’m sorry. i’m bad at this kind of thing so i have no advice or comfort to offer. but, umm, i like you! you are my favorite part of germany. i swear.

  • Laura F.

    Once they pee in one spot, don’t they always go back to it? Our cats are both fixed males, but the infamous Indy (of Blame It on Paris) remains infamous in this regard.

  • Laume

    I’m so behind on reading blogs that I didn’t catch this cry for advice. Gee, what makes you think I know anything about cats???? SNORT.

    As for getting the smell out – there are a number of different brands but you want to get a product that is specific for breaking down the protein of pet (or people for that matter) urine. We get ours (in bulk, eep) at Walmart. i’m not sure where you can find it overseas but I bet you can order it on or something if there’s nothing local. Unlike regular cleansers, this protein neutralizer stuff completely takes the smell away so the cats are less likely to return to the spot. Just to be safe, once the smell is gone and the mattress is dry, I’d turn the mattress over and wash all the linens and blankets, just in case a stray molecule escaped.

    We’ve had very little problem with cats peeing on beds, thank GAWWWWWD. It’s so not fun when that happens. But wherever cats spray or pee, it’s usually for one of three reasons – a urinary tract infection, they’re mad at you (or feel ignored), or they’re stressed because of a lot of change in their environment (like a new pet or family member or some other major change). You can have the vet rule out the possibility of illness and then try to ameliorate the other by figuring out what the cat is mad or stressed about – are you gone a lot more than often, yelling at it because it’s doing something you don’t like, paying more attention to another pet…. etc. Pet’s act out in the same way a child would. Another thing, when we’ve had the cats pick out a spot, it helps to reduce the cat’s access to the location – so, shut the door to the bedroom for awhile perhaps.

    I hope you’ve solved the problem by now and you don’t need any advice. But just in case, make sure you get some of that protein neutralizer spray – it’s a miracle product.

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