this and that

Uh. Yeah. I didn’t blog for awhile there, and there’s a very good reason for that: nothing’s happening. I spend my time sitting under this cat, mostly, knitting Arwen and listening to back issues of Cast-On. But I saw Elemmaciltur yesterday, and he reminded me that I have this here blog thing, and if he can blog while up to his ears in schoolwork, then I certainly can. Okay, he didn’t actually say that, but I sort of heard it anyway.

Cat: fine. Growing. Clever. She still climbs up me, because I allow it, but she’s learned that DrBob and the boys don’t like it. She rode around on my shoulder the other night while I cleaned the kitchen. Mostly she just does her kitty shtick. Still alternates sleeping like a rock and playing Tasmanian Devil.

Ignatz: Um, DrBob met with the school psychologist re Ignatz, and we have a few ideas we can try, but we haven’t tried them yet. There’s only a month left of school, is why.

Sniglet: There’s also only a month left of transitional first grade! And at the end of May the teachers suddenly realized that all their big plans for field trips hadn’t materialized, so let’s have them all now!! Seriously. THREE last week. Aaagh! Also, Jeez.

DrBob: Happy. Shopping his third book to publishers, planning his classes for Holloway, finishing up his current job. He’s going to Croatia for a couple days in July (no, I can’t go with him because he’s taking the motorcycle, and 7 hours on the back of a motorcycle? Nothing is worth that), to London for a week in August (without me, because I have to stay home with the kids) to check out the apartment he’s going to rent – a professor’s going on leave for a year – and to Corsica for a week in September with us. It is a good time to be DrBob.

Knitting: Arwen, as usual. And Tulip Toes booties, for a friend whose baby girl is due July 8th. I’ll make a newborn version of Maddy’s Bluebell Hat to go with them. I am currently feeling very uninspired by my sock yarn, which is very sad, because I can’t buy any more sock yarn until I use it up. Unless it’s Wollmeise.

Oh, and I have a website client, so that’s taking up a lot of the time (and thinking) I would otherwise be using to blog.

So I’m still here! I still love you! I just don’t have any news. We’ll see the slappable therapist on Tuesday, maybe that will be blogworthy. Or maybe I’ll grow an attention span.

… Nah.

Song du jour of the day: Joss’s theme song, which is for her dog, and about her cat.

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