you can’t run from your knitting destiny

Okay, Arwen’s progress is being tracked on the Arwen KAL blog, and the latest photo is up on flickr, if you’re interested.

I finished the Caspian Sea Socks, as you may recall. They seemed a bit small, but it turns out my SIL has smaller feet than I do, so that should be okay, but there’s another hitch. She says they’re so beautiful she’s afraid to wear them. Sigh. Non-knitters.

And instead of playing soccer with the other moms today, I finished the Find The River socks at the Sniglet’s soccer practice! Via the latest Cast-On, I found this page, and decided to try a modified version of the picot bind-off. Yes, the first time I’ve ever tried this technique, and I had to mess with it. <claven>Well, you know, experienced knitters know where they can take liberties…</claven> Nope. I have done this from my very first project. Once a friend brought me a pattern and the yarn and said “knit this for me please, just like that!” and another friend bet me a dollar that I wouldn’t be able to get through the project without changing it somehow. You bet I lost.

So FTR has to be end-tucked, washed, blocked, and photographed in daylight, all slated for tomorrow, pinky swear! Tragically, you can’t really see the cable very clearly, because the yarn is both marled and variegated, like Tofutsi – such a joy to knit with, but I don’t know that I like how it looks when it’s knitted up. And I will try the pattern again with some nice Wollmeise yarn, which I will order as soon as I’ve decided what colors I want – for several projects I have in mind. I will also put the cable pattern up in these here internet tubes, just as soon as I figure out how. I actually emailed Eunny Jang today to ask what charting software she uses.

You know what this means… I have only Arwen to work on. Let the hives and hyperventilation begin, ack! I have to get on a train tomorrow! What am I going to do?

Well, start some new socks, though I don’t know if I have enough of this yarn to finish them. I’m thinking a simple damask raindrop pattern, I can call it “Raindrops Keep Fallin’ on my…Feet,” whaddya think?

Oh, and the title. Well, I’m feeling the Pull of Destiny, and I can’t resist it. I have to knit this sweater (careful, that links to a .pdf – here’s a photo of the Yarn Harlot’s version, in progress). Only I need to use this yarn, and I’ve already “made up” a vine-and-leaves pattern instead of the squares. It is such a wintry thing, and I almost never wear patterned stuff and I hate steeking, but I can’t seem to talk myself out of this. I need to make this sweater, it’s like a biological imperative, the same sort of urge that sends me rummaging for chocolate at midnight.

Speaking of midnight, the internet-tubes are apparently blocked, and everything is taking forever to load and save and whatnot, and it is now well past my bedtime. Over and out.

Song du jour of the day: Don’t Get Around Much Anymore, by Harry Connick Jr., from the When Harry Met Sally soundtrack.


3 responses to “you can’t run from your knitting destiny

  • amy

    That sweater seems to be hooking people left and right.

    I also changed stuff beginning with my very first project. It’s called “Being the Boss of Your Knitting.” (Thanks, EZ.) Thinking knitters are not slave to patterns. 🙂

  • FirstNations

    I’m asuming you mean the nice blue yarn at the top there, which will look dreamy. unlike the green yarn, which will look boogery.

    i may regret this comment, i know…

  • alala

    the blue-and-green-and purple stuff, FN. I kinda like the green, as you could probably guess from my blog colors, but I can’t wear it. Anything with a hint of yellow in it makes me look like an unripe banana.

    Amy, you (and EZ of course) are mostly right, but sometimes the knitting bites the boss on the ass. I just mention it.

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