Lilu. Some preliminary observations.

Lilu seems to be settling in. She’s letting her inner warrior out more often, has figured out the stairs, and potty-trained without a hitch. I left her alone a few times today and she didn’t trash the house, which is good. She’s starting to learn that she’s not allowed on the table, but she really, really wants to get up on the kitchen counter. Since it’s beyond her jumping skills just yet, and there is no nearby furniture to use as stairs, she’s trying to get there by climbing my leg. Good thing I always wear jeans, innit? First time she tried it, she climbed up my inseam, bumped her head on my butt, and couldn’t go any further. She’s figured out that she has to use the outside of my leg, and she did make it all the way up to my waist and fling herself onto the counter – at which point I put her back on the floor. Seemed a shame after all her hard work, but she really isn’t allowed on the counter. Sorry, Lilu.

Ignatz is totally smitten, as I knew he would be. The Sniglet is less impressed, but that’s all right. I did this for Ignatz, to be honest.

She is so darn cute.

Song du jour of the day: ooo! How about Isn’t She Lovely, by Stevie Wonder!


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