I told me so

… but did I listen? Nooooo…

When we lived in Madison, there was this paved lot that the local fire department covered with water in the winter so it would freeze and we could skate. Ignatz wouldn’t wear the skates, he just trudged around the ice in his sneakers. We did the eyeroll-thing and sighed. Two years later, he aced the ice-skating course in half the allotted time and they let him on the hockey team early.

When he was five, he struggled with learning to ride a bike, and we were, um, not as patient as hindsight tells us we should have been (I’m sorry, sweetie). We gave up. And then one day (the day the Sniglet was born, incidentally) he just did it. Just like that.

When he quit hockey three years ago (not because he didn’t like hockey, but because his teammates were jerks – an opinion evidently shared by many, to judge by the team’s attrition rate) we urged him to find another sport, so he wouldn’t atrophy, but he was unenthusiastic. We suggested everything we could think of, and assured him we’d fund anything he was willing to give the ol’ college try, but he just shrugged.

Last week he said he wanted to try karate or tae kwon do or something. I said sure thing babe, I will drive you anywhere you need to go, just pick one and if it doesn’t work out we’ll try something else. He came back a day later, and said “karate.” I called, we showed up today, and when I picked him up after the class he was jubilant. He said it was great, and he’s been showing Lilu what he learned all evening.

So. Have I learned my lesson yet? Somebody bap me on the head, just to make sure it sinks in: Whatever it is, he’ll do it when he’s ready. Lighten up. Quit nagging.

Song du jour of the day: The Kids Are on the High Street, by Madrugada


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