Daily Archives: 13 June 2007

I told me so

… but did I listen? Nooooo…

When we lived in Madison, there was this paved lot that the local fire department covered with water in the winter so it would freeze and we could skate. Ignatz wouldn’t wear the skates, he just trudged around the ice in his sneakers. We did the eyeroll-thing and sighed. Two years later, he aced the ice-skating course in half the allotted time and they let him on the hockey team early. Continue reading

Lilu. Some preliminary observations.

Lilu seems to be settling in. She’s letting her inner warrior out more often, has figured out the stairs, and potty-trained without a hitch. I left her alone a few times today and she didn’t trash the house, which is good. She’s starting to learn that she’s not allowed on the table, but she really, really wants to get up on the kitchen counter. Continue reading